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“Sky High” a solo show by Frances Obie

When I arrived in Fort St John seven years ago, the first thing that struck me about the landscape was the sense of expansion, energy and light that I hadn’t seen anywhere else. Since then, I have experienced the unique qualities of atmosphere, weather and cloud formations in many different regions across Canada and the US and have sought to communicate these differences in my work. However, there is more to the sky than just weather and clouds. For me, the atmospheric elements seem to have a consciousness, a life force that invites a conversation based on intuition. Looking up, I find thoughts, emotions and ideas which translate into either recognizable landscapes or abstractions where very little physical form is represented and thoughts and memories become colour and composition. 

A certain process began a few years ago when I started going on long distance motorcycle rides with my husband. From the back of the bike I would take hundreds of photos, trying to memorize and absorb my surroundings as they flew by. Invariably, skies grabbed my attention more than landforms. I enjoyed collecting material this way because I sensed that I was a part of the landscape as I moved through it. Some of the resulting images resonated with me and stuck in my memory, even if I had only seen them for a few seconds – these were the ones I worked with later. 

At home my way of working is different. I have favourite places in and around Fort St John where I go to sketch or take photos. I often return to a location many times before I am ready to begin a painting. Once I have the material I want, the rest of the work is done in the studio using paper or hardboard, acrylics and pastels. The sky will draw us in if we let it. Some say the atmosphere reflects the inner life of all that is happening below. If that is true and if we take the time to look up in unique moments, we will find the beauty, insight, drama and inspiration that colours our everyday lives.  – Frances Obie

Visit Frances on line at https://www.francesobie.com/




Upcoming Events:


“Fleeting Moments” by Peace Region Federation of Canadian Artists’ Association: Sept. 9 to Oct. 2, 2020

“Exsitu” by the Fort St. John Chapter of Fil-Can: October 5 to 30, 2020


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Artist in Residence Opportunity!

Artist in Residence Opportunity!

Open Call to Visual Artists – Deadline to Apply: July 31, 2020 The Artist in Residence (AIR) program will support a visual artist to develop and create a body of work fro a professionally curated exhibition. Priority may be given to BC based artist, however, any artist residing in northeast BC or a visual artist who is a member of an arts council supported by the Peace Liard Regional Arts Council (PLRAC) is eligible to apply.


Art Stars Interview: Frances Obie

Art Stars Interview: Frances Obie

Today we are with Frances Obie, she is presenting her new online show " Sky High".