Wednesday, Feb 6 – JJ Shiplett


Wednesday, February 6th @ 7:30
Adults $35, Students & Seniors $30

Rugged, raspy and reserved, JJ Shiplett is a true artist. Unapologetically himself, the Alberta born singer-songwriter and performer is bold in range and musical creativity, with a passion and reverence for the art of music and performance that has captured the attention of music fans across the country. A troubadour whose songs resonate with emotional sincerity and an underdog’s enduring hope, he pens anthemic songs that make you believe in something in this hard world, and others that convince you to soak it all in whiskey ‘n’ wine and just go dancin’. Shiplett’s music is all heart: convincing, compelling and resonant.

Opening for JJ is Fort St. John local musician Joseph te Bulte.  Joseph te Bulte is the frontman and songwriter for the band Last Horse Standing.  His original singer-songwriter tunes use an edge of both Rock and Country to bring to life the stories. He has played to audiences in Alberta and BC over the past five years. Last Horse Standing debut CD was recorded at Five Acres Studios in Abbotsford with Ryan McAllister and self-released in 2016.

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