Saturday, January 19 – Pokemon Lost Thunder League Cup

Saturday, Jan 19th – Pokemon Lost Thunder League Cup
2:30 PM Registration, 3:30 PM Tournament
$15 entry fee

Trainers will battle for glory as well as a championship playmat and booster pack prizes. All players will receive a promo card for entering the tournament (While supplies last)

WHAT TO BRING: Your Player ID number, if you don’t have one, one will be provided to you at the event. Your Expanded Format Deck. Deck registration is required. You may want to prepare a decklist ahead of the tournament to save time. Players are required to provide their own randomizer, a coin or a translucent 6-sided dice with well-rounded corners, counters or dice that are not the same color as the randomizer to mark damage to Pokémon in play and Special Conditions markers.

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