Saturday Jul 20 – Pokemon Unified Minds Prerelease

Unified Minds

Saturday, July 20th, Registration @ 10, Tournament @ 11
Admission $35

Trainers! Be the first to battle for supremacy with the newest card set: Sun & Moon – Unified Minds. Each player will receive a Prerelease Deck which consists of 22 card pack featuring key cards from current and prior sets, 4 Sun & Moon Unified Minds booster packs and 1 of 4 alternate art promo cards. When announced, open the Prerelease Deck, construct a 40-card deck using only those cards and basic energy provided by the organizer.

Players have 30 minutes to construct their deck. Players may NOT trade the cards from their booster packs with other players until the tournament ends. Once the first round of the tournament begins, players may not alter the contents of their deck. At the end of the tournament, when each player returns their borrowed basic energy they will receive 3 additional booster packs.

Please bring your own randomizer (coin or translucent die), damage counters, condition markers, and GX token

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